Applied Workshop in International Trade and Finance II (ITF452)

Course Objective: The aim of the course is to help senior level undergraduate students to apply their theoretical knowledge to the practical life by the help of authorities.

Course Learning Outcomes: The students who succeeded in this course;

  • will be able to solve the various problems of business life.
  • will be able to choose the most appropraite job by exploring his/her field of interest.
  • will be able to explain the structure and mechanism of public and international companies, financial markets and institutions.
  • will be able to compare the theoretical knowledge they took from the courses with the applications in the sector.
  • will be able to analyze the problems in practical life.

Course Content: In this course, the events that are subject to international trade and finance, case studies and field visits will be discussed. Furthermore, applied projects related to the current issues will be analyzed. They will obtain detailed information about structure, operation and function of financial and commercial institutions through authorized officer that will come every week from different companies. After graduation, the students will become better equipped about job opportunities.




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